Welcome to my world. It’s a world of rants, world of confusion and randomness. Kind of like everyone’s world and kind of just like my world. So, who am I? Well I’m old enough to know better and not old enough to know that at 30. My profession is a web designer and developer – altho to me it’s more like an obsessive net disorder. My time is split in between psychotic surfing and intermitant real world interactions including having a husband, dog and resembelence of a life.

This blog is my personal blog or impersonal one considering it’s a blog. Anyway, I already have a blog where I focus on what exactly it is to be a web designer and developer and also have a natty side line in general designer and dogs body. As some antidote to this and because my husband is probably sick of me ranting to him, I have decided to dust off the old blogging skills and start this blog up. Here I have no focus to my streaming and it may also look like that too. It’s just a release from the victor meldew inducing world that I live in.

Who am I? I am Tammie Lister and I live in the middle of nowhere in middle england. I am married, live in exhile in a quiet village. The house I live in is like one that a child would draw and in it we live with our dog Barley. For the record Barley is probably the kind of dog a child would draw being a labrador.


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