Ikea love

Ignoring the fact that these holidays are meant to be for relaxing, we have just competely sorted the entire house it with a little help from Ikea. Not that bad prices either much helped by the new opening store in Milton Keynes which we were there for the opening day. All rather hectic and everything but it always feels nice to clear out junk and get things sorted. We seem to have some kind of Christmas holiday clearing tradition going on considering this is the third year running we have done this. Guess it’s cos it is really the only time we ever have off together and that I can actuallly not do work without having to drop of face of planet – it’s a time when people expect you not to do work so I can take a break and sort everything out. Keeping with this tradition now my offline world is sorted I have a few days to whack my online world into line with regards to my blogs and portfolio site. A girls work is never done!


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