argh and argh again

Today was possibly one of the most pointless days I have had in my life at pants (the loving reference to my work place)….

As a result of there being no net line my entire company become dumb hitters of the outlook send and recieve button.  This odd behaviour was proved to be not helpful at all when we were diagnosed with a connection but a slow and sporadic one, hence if you had to get information having idiots bashing send and receive only made it impossible.  Strangest thing was bar me none of them were highly impacted.  They couldn’t get stuff in yes, but not one of them got the fact that considering i work ONLINE my whole day was up the toilet.  Nice of someone to notice and stop harrassing me and offer to help me.  Not one person even recognised in their narrow world that I was actually the single person messed up the most by this and that I couldn’t even offer our clients support for hosting – a rather essential thing.

Yes, one person got it but only after me finally ranting at them about this.

Sometimes I just wish someone would bother to not shout about the net not working and see it as a chance to make my life hell.  Just once recognise that I don’t just sit there painting my nails staring blankly at a screen – I rely on the net to work and by giving me hell you are far from helping.

Funny how just losing a net connection makes even the nicest person self and ignorant to any other person.  I do realise people don’t even get what I do – the problem being the sole webby now my only saving grace has left the department.  I feel like I need to run some kind of save the webby charity.


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