powergen savings account

We appear to have opened a powergen savings account without actually agreeing to one.  When we first moved into our current property we were hit by the nice sum of having to pay over £90 a month.  As a result I was begged to wander if we were infact either supplying the whole street or my husband was running some secret lab under our house.  Over the next year this figure wiggled down through various calls and bashing my head on call centres, to around £50.  I thought that possibly was fair enough.  However, we seem to through my slight reputation as a “heating hitler” (my husband’s words) be never using close to this amount.  Rather odd considering I am attempting to run a nasa style computer network.  I am not one to complain though as every few months we now get a nice amount in credit which we can transfer back to our rather ill at times bank account.  So the tip for the day is forget banks – use powergen.  Yes, kids the new hip saving account is your power company.  Thanks to the recent installment we can now afford to give more than pasta glue pictures for christmas.


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