cold shower

No, I have not been looking at dodgy images of flickr…. basically I seem to be perpetually living in houses with cold bathrooms and as such any warm shower rapidly turns into a sub-zero shivering fest.  I have forgotten what it was actually like to have a warm bathroom.  I am momentarily offered an insight into the world of lingering drying sessions and where second dashes aren’t needed to another room upon leaving the shower; but these only make it worse. 

I am not sure if it is some kind of penance for something or just I have a knack for picking really cold bathroom houses.  It is simply a fact that every bathroom I have lived in (not that I live much in the bathroom that is as cold as these are – I have doubt even mould could grow in some) is freezing.  Currently we are waiting for our bathroom (it’s one of those would have been out back but they whacked some walls and put a roof on it to pass it as part of the house) has a few major problems and is getting redone.  I can hope for a warm haven but I am unconvinced considering our radiator is the size of a postage stamp.  

So another admitting moment from me – I stare at the bathroom haven adverts of warmth on tv, I dream of not having icicles form if you don’t move faster than the speed of sound to dry, of not having to dash out and leaves ice puddles behind…..   


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