the power of loose tongues

I had a rather pointed reminder to the power of gossip at work today. I can’t see any good coming from it and time and time again see those participating in it burnt with the fire of further gossip. It’s like their is some automatic karma of badness that passes onto the speaker of gossip. As a result I myself can’t resolve never to gossip again – I think it is probably (unfortunately) a part of human nature to have a good gas. I can though resolve which vents I will use – opting to not go with the leaky gas vents with big mouths and to stick to the vents that never let me down. Along with this pulling out of the water cooler gossip festivals that take place everyday around the world in every office, staff room and place of work. The motto for today is just say no and go and talk to someone who doesn’t squeal like a pig without being poked.


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