stationery addiction

It comes the time now to get serious and talk about one of my major addictions … for want of having an aa group to go to I will use this blog to state I am a stationery addict.  In this I do not mean that I go around snorting post-it notes or jacking up on paper clips….  My addiction seems to manifest mainly in lots and lots of notebooks with ‘stuff’ in and a range of other sundary supplies.  I seriously think that if we never found a stationers for a year we’d be quite fine thank you very much.  I seem to have made this worse by lately buying something from staples and have what to a stationery addict is a kin to pornography turn up on my doorstep…  Yes I now have the staples catalogue!  Pages and pages of pointless ways to attach random documents to my desktop.  Pages of glorious glow fest highlighters …. I can’t handle it I’m off to have a browse …….


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