puppy power

Our dog Barley today had what is a kin to a mini doggy reprieve.   Basically, we were all set to get her “seen to” this week regarding de-sexing (nice phrase isn’t it).  Tonight, we got a call out of the blue from her breeder saying she would really like to breed from Barley.  Barley was basically a free dog from her as she knows us and Barley needed a home at just 3 years of age.  At the time we both were thinking about a puppy in a few years and as such we had mentioned it in passing as our friend was a breeder of really good labrador gun dog stock.  Well, timing worked out perfect and in turn with me having a new job in under a week we had a Barley too.  Part of the deal was a kind of promise that if she ever wanted to breed with Barley we would let that happen as kind of a repaying for the price.

Well, it turned out that wasn’t going to happen and so the decision had been made to get Barley to the vets when time was right.  So, we have booked it in for Tuesday and even saved up the horrendous price of £200 nearly (we appear to have vets that use gold plated forceps).  As a result being soppy people we had taken time off to be with her – cos of course that is all she cares about never mind we are the idiots making her go through such a nice process.  This call this evening has kind of thrown us a bit.  

Part of the deal is we get first pick of a pup for free and considering we know / have the mother it is hardly going to be a bad pup.  So, a provisional yes cool will be being the final decision.  I have now managed to cover every possibility in my mind and have this pups life planned out until university (anyways that is just me).  What we have agreed is this will be my pup considering Barley is a tart and has decided that my husband is her apple and she is his bitch (you can say that with dogs).  Tomorrow we are going to say yes and I am already bookmarking articles on puppy training – I really should have been a boy scout.

The way we gain dogs is so odd – it is always a ok go on then moment and we always end up with unique animals.  I think it will be nice that Barley will at least get to keep one of the pups – it is not meant to matter to them but I am unconvinced on that one.  Currently it is looking once a big strapping adonis of a male has been found, that we will be pimping Barley out to gain one fluff ball of cuteness.  I am as expected looking forward to having a dog of my own – we do have one now, but Barley is so much more my husbands it is enough to give you a complex.  It certainly is unexpected considering what we had lined up in 2 days but I am happy about commiting another 10 plus years of my life to a bundle of trouble.  I might not be having kids but I sure am heading the right way to having a whole pack of dogs.  I am well on the road to mad dog woman status. 


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