Weetabix fall out

Near where I live they make weetabix. This is possibly not the most interesting fact that you care to read. However, there appears to be the need for some kind of government monitoring as there appears to be something around here known as weetabix fall out. This appears in a few different ways. There is a general concensus of increased oddness around here – coudl this be explained by the apparent ineffectual weetabix? Every place has it’s oddness; just around here it seems well rather odder than your normal run of the mill odd.

There is also the smell. Now, weetabix as a smell is not that offensive to me – sometimes it does bring links with child’s sick but there we go. On certain days the air around here really does smell of weetabix. If the net had smell-o-vision I would show you, until then you’ll just have to assume I have not gone barking.

The other thing is the sunsets and sunrises around here. They are very very red. The hues that you get are absolutely amazing. Tonight was one of those red / orange colourful fests. It looks like some modern art line oil painting – vivid and strong cutting through the clouds. I personally have never seen such sunsets anywhere in the country. They may be beautiful but maybe they are a sign of something rather more sinister.

I might be being a little bit of a conspiracy alarmist but I think there might be something to explore in this weetabix thing.


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