Monkey cousin

Yesterday the theme for my day appeared to be monkeys. This extended to primates in general towards orangutans and also gorillas. It is a common part of my life that I seem to end up having the same conversations during a day – like a conversation theme for the day without thinking about it. This day involved a variety of topics around our monkey cousins. These ranged from how we aren’t that different to them, teaching them to communicate with sign lanuage and about how you can buy one on ebay.

When I was younger I had this odd dream of following a career along the animal psychology route and teaching sign language to a monkey to communicate. It is a common theory that has been the reciever of many a grant. I guess it came from studying psychology at A’Level, during this course my interest was sparked by this notion. Along with the obsession I had with all things monkey from a young age. I have indeed worked with monkey types in the past and I’m not referring to some rather odd places I have worked.

It appears to be the general concensus that we aren’t that different from our cousins covered in fur. I think the main point that suprised me was infact that I can remember a few years ago that a debate would have ensued. Now though, there was no debate as all were agreed. Strange how our perceptions change.


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